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Accelerated Curriculum Puts Supply Chain Student on Fast Track to Success

Megan Purvis

Megan Purvis believes that a career in supply chain will be one of excitement and importance – especially now given the continued global  supply chain issues.

Purvis first became interested in the field when she transitioned from a job in production leadership to warehouse leadership at a large corporation. In her new role, which she started as she was pursuing her associate degree, Purvis began learning more about the supply chain and the various functions it held. She felt the field would be a good fit for her, so after earning her two-year degree in 2020, she enrolled in Bellevue University’s Bachelor of Science Supply Chain, Transportation and Logistics Management degree program.

“With an anticipated bachelor’s degree in supply chain, transportation, and logistics management, and a minor in organizational communication, this will provide an excellent foundation for me to continue learning about different parts of the supply chain,” Purvis said. “Working with many outside companies and internal departments [at my job] will provide in-the-field knowledge that will enable me to utilize the knowledge I gain at Bellevue University.”

One of Purvis’s favorite aspects of Bellevue University’s program is that she has been part of a cohort of students from day one. Students in the University’s accelerated cohort programs advance through their programs with the same group of classmates.

“I’ve always felt connected to a central group that’s completing the supply chain, transportation, and logistics management cohort from start to finish together,” she said. “That connection would not have been possible if it weren’t for the encouragement of all students by Dr. Rick Pennington. He always encourages continued communication between the students and helps us all through the classes that are a bit tougher.”

Having the same professor and classmates all the way through the cohort helps both students and the professor to not lose any ground. 

Megan Purvis, Bellevue University Student

Purvis also feels that the way the cohort is set up allows for an optimal learning experience.

She said, “Having the same professor and classmates all the way through the cohort helps both students and the professor to not lose any ground. It also allows for students to appreciate each other’s growth throughout the cohort and helps [promote] encouragement from classmates, as well.”

Bellevue University’s accelerated online program means Purvis will earn her bachelor’s degree in two years, enabling her to put her new knowledge and skills to use faster than she may have been able to elsewhere.

“Although the thought of being locked into accelerated classes through the cohort seems daunting, it certainly is a decision one will not regret,” Purvis said. “Yes, it takes time and dedication, but it is worth it. There is support at every level, and it’s a great feeling to know that professors and classmates care about your success. I would recommend Bellevue University to anyone seeking this type of learning.”

And, although she has gained a lot of knowledge and experiences through her coursework at Bellevue, Purvis knows she will only continue learning throughout her career.

​“Working in various supply chain roles with my employer and working toward a bachelor’s degree in the field has shown me that there is so much more to learn,” she explained. “The field is always changing with the integration of technology, which will provide an opportunity for lifelong learning.”

She added, “Working through the supply chain struggles during the pandemic is like putting together a new puzzle every day, as you never know what surprise you’ll be walking into. The constant changes and need for adjustments mean it’ll never be a boring career.”

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