09:22 AM

Alorica’s Moss Offers Sage Advice

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

Making lives better at Alorica is what Kimberly Moss is all about. As the Vice President of Global Healthcare Learning and Development for the multi-national customer relationship solutions provider, Moss is passionate about her role.

Alorica_logo_FINAL_highres“Every interaction we have with one of our customers makes a critical impact on the well-being of another human being,” she said. “I think the support we provide to our customers when they are making decisions about their health and well-being is one of the most awesome aspects of my job.”

To accomplish those goals, Moss leverages the education she received at Bellevue University. Moss has earned three degrees through Bellevue, a bachelor’s degree in International Business, and master’s degrees in both Business Administration and Management.

“The teamwork that was required from day one of my classes was an invaluable tool that Bellevue gave to us,” Moss said. “We not only got a degree, we developed and refined so many behaviors that have contributed to my success. While the degree itself has given me the credibility to compete with others for opportunities, I think the impacts of the experiences are what have given me the biggest edge.  Collaboration, rapid learning, effective communication, openness for diverse ideas, and the list goes on and on.”

Moss currently works in Chandler, Arizona, but she is originally from Omaha and graduated from Benson High School. After completing a few college credits, Moss joined the workforce before continuing her education at Bellevue University.

“Bellevue University was the only school that was offering an accelerated degree program,” she said. “I really didn’t know if I could commit to a four-year degree as I was invested in advancing my career. I also knew that I couldn’t advance much further without the degree.”

“You just have to start. That is the hardest part.”

After completing her bachelor’s degree in 1997, Moss began pursuit of both her MBA and a Master of Arts in Management (MAM) at virtually the same time.

“I actually started with my MAM and then was told that it would take six additional classes to receive an MBA, as well.  At the time, I was employed in financial services and was exploring other positions in the organization to be a more well-rounded learning professional,” she said. “The MBA seemed a logical addition to my toolbox.  I originally thought I would explore an MBA and then when I spoke with the admissions counselor and discovered this option, it seemed like the most efficient and effective decision.”

Communicating in the digital age is one of the skills that Moss picked up in her graduate programs and is the one that benefitted her most.

“Within my MAM program, the ability to work in groups virtually really helped me understand how to effectively communicate with others in a virtual format,” she said. “I traveled quite frequently, so the group work we did on our thesis was often done via the phone with my other two partners.  I didn’t realize how my overall experience would contribute to my ability to be a more effective communicator later in my career.”

Moss is able to leverage those skills in her role at Alorica and impart some sage advice to other adults considering going back to school.

“Everyone has something that they are passionate about,” she said.  “As an adult, we are juggling a ton of things at one time, so pick something that you want to learn and pursue for you,” she said. “You just have to start. That is the hardest part.  I am very proud of the accomplishment of getting a degree while juggling, work, travel, and family.  It really helped me learn I could do anything I put my mind to.”