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Alum, Veteran Pens Escape from Afghanistan

Alum, Veteran Pens Escape from Afghanistan

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

SesslerNathan Sessler has some stories to tell. A 2015 graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, Sessler has written Escape from Afghanistan, a story pulled from his experience as a solider in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

“Escape from Afghanistan is a peek into the realities our military members endure in the most basic tasks - the story is a bit of a roller coaster ride,” said Sessler, a native of Summerville, S.C. and a 14-year military veteran. “People often think about the hardships service members endure while in battle, but the war doesn’t stop there. Next, you have to get home and sometimes that is just as challenging. While some of the delays and complications could be expected, this true account contains both lighter moments and profoundly somber ones.”

The book was published in September by the War Writers’ Campaign, Inc.

“Their mission set of ‘the power of therapy though communication’ was exactly the message I wanted to be involved in and promote,” Sessler said. “I encourage any other veterans who have ever contemplated writing about their experiences overseas to go for it and let the War Writers Campaign help get your book published.”

After separating from the military in 2013, Sessler has completed his bachelor’s degree at the University and is now midway through the Master of Science in Organizational Performance (MSOP) program.

“A fellow military member told me about Bellevue University and, after contacting the school, I was hooked,” Sessler said. “I was nervous about college, but Bellevue made it extremely easy and my academic advisor (Anna Benton) called me constantly and helped me every step of the way.”

A capstone project, something a lot of students may dread to one degree or another, was actually a highlight of Sessler’s bachelor’s degree.

SesslerCover“My goal in that project was to identify a deficiency in my organization and formulate a comprehensive plan to solve it. I presented my capstone project, along with a suggested solution, to my agency, which then incorporated it into our training program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center,” Sessler said. “So, not only did I get to showcase the knowledge I had learned in class, I also leveraged it to better train scores of future federal agents. It was extremely satisfying on both fronts.”

Sessler aims to further enhance his leadership skills in the MSOP program.

“Anything I can do to be a better leader, supervisor, or manager and help my employees achieve their goals is well worth the investment,” he said.

Sessler plans to continue writing with a collection of short stories in the works among other projects. He took time to thank those that supported him during his military career, his academic endeavors, and his writing projects.

“The most supportive and influential individuals in my life have been my parents, Martin and Sharon, along with my fiancée, Nina. However, I must also give credit to all the wonderful military members I served with throughout my career,” he said. “They watched over me in combat zones all over the world and stood with me when arresting some dangerous criminals throughout the United States. Without these special individuals, I may not be here to tell my story today.”