09:44 AM

Bellevue University Encourages Students to Apply for Scholarships via Contest Held in November

Lacey Thomas

To celebrate National Scholarship Month in November, Bellevue University’s Scholarships and Grants Department ran a contest that required students to apply for five outside scholarships.

Students who applied had their name entered into a drawing to win a $50 Walmart gift card. Junior Lacey Thomas was selected to receive the gift card. Thomas is currently studying Project Management.

Emily Wagner, Scholarship Program Specialist at Bellevue University, said it’s important for students to apply for scholarships for many reasons.

“Scholarships can help make college more affordable by helping to lessen a student’s financial burden which also allows them to focus more on their schoolwork,” Wagner said. “Scholarships can also be a big confidence boost for students. I’ve heard multiple times that earning a scholarship gave a student the confidence and drive to move forward because they knew someone took the chance to believe in them and they don’t want to let the donor down.”

While Bellevue University offers its students a variety of scholarship opportunities, the contest occurred during a time when Bellevue’s scholarship applications weren’t open.

“The department wanted to remind students that while we have great opportunities within Bellevue’s application and they should apply for those, there are also many scholarships open outside of Bellevue University,” Wagner said.

According to The National Postsecondary Student Aid Study, more than $6 billion in scholarships is awarded to more than a million students each year.

For more information about scholarships, visit bellevue.edu/admissions-tuition/scholarships/scholarships.