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Bellevue University Launches 100% Online DBA Degree Program That Disrupts Business as Usual

New Doctorate of Business Administration Degree for Forward-Thinking Leaders and Employers

Bellevue University, one of the nation’s leaders in preparing students for lifelong success with career-relevant knowledge and skills, recently launched a new 100% online applied Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) degree program that addresses both modern organizational needs and real life challenges faced by students seeking doctoral-level education.

“Today’s organizations are facing significant change, internally and externally,” said Bellevue University President Dr. Mary Hawkins. “They’re dealing with issues involving how to recruit and retain talent, how to pursue growth and manage it and how to operate in an increasingly more connected world. These challenges require leaders able to work across the organization, and their industry, to address complex, system-wide issues.”

“We created a DBA degree,” said Dr. Hawkins, “to prepare leaders who are well-qualified to diagnose these multi-dimensional issues and help their enterprises solve their most pressing business challenges.”

Bellevue University’s DBA program is a different approach than traditional doctoral programs that typically prepare students for careers in academia, said Rebecca Murdock, Dean of the College of Business. “Our degree is an applied DBA that prepares students in top executive positions to address the complex challenges with future forward solutions.”

Unlike other doctoral programs, Bellevue University DBA students will not write a dissertation. Dr. Julia Cronin-Gilmore, DBA Program Director, said students will undertake an applied, research-based doctoral project instead. She explained that the project follows a similar structure as a dissertation and uses the same methodologies, but doctoral students will work on the project throughout the three-year DBA program instead of starting it after course work is completed. “Students will emerge as experts on their topic, and as thought leaders in their industry,” said Dr. Cronin-Gilmore.

The Bellevue University DBA degree also stands out as one of the few 100 percent, fully online programs at the doctoral level. “We removed the obstacles that often stand in the way of working adults who want to pursue their doctorate,” said Dr. Cronin-Gilmore. Other programs may offer online DBA courses, but still require students to come to campus for residencies, she added.

A clear and structured three-years-start-to-finish program means “students are able to see the end from the beginning,” said Dean Murdock. Two-week breaks between courses, she said, “allows students to attain their educational goal while at the same time meeting their professional and family obligations.”