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Bellevue University Student Cyber League Team Moves Up in National Rankings

Bruin Student Team Ranked 26th in the Nation

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Web exploitation, cryptography, log analysis, password cracking, Open-Source Intelligence, reverse engineering, forensics — all are critical skills if you are a cybersecurity professional. 

To build and maintain these skills, students from Bellevue University participate in the National Cyber League (NCL). The NCL is a “capture-the-flag” competition more commonly known as a “CTF.” CTF players solve challenges in various categories and are awarded flags. The team with the most flags at the end of the competition wins.  

Nationwide, 8,580 students from 510 colleges and universities participated in this most recent season. The 26 students who competed with Bellevue University’s NCL team finished the season ranked 26th in the country, up from its number 50 ranking the previous season. The team received congratulatory letters from both Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen and Congressman Mike Flood for their efforts. 

According to Professor Doug Rausch, Cybersecurity Program Director and Maenner Endowed Chair, the Bellevue University team is currently gearing up for the spring season of NCL and is seeking students in cybersecurity and related programs who want to grow their skills. No prior CTF experience is required, and training sessions are held throughout the season. For more information about the league, visit                                                                                            

In addition to the practice sessions players will compete in preseason, individual, and team games. The season runs through April 21. If interested contact Professor Rausch at

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