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Bellevue University’s Jack Nelson Starts by Meeting Students Where They're At

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Jack Nelson has dedicated his career to the design and delivery of the best possible learning experiences.  Student success is not only his job – it’s his passion. 

“I’ve always started with where my students are at from a learning and life experience perspective,” Nelson said.  “With that foundation, I engage people in ways that make learning interesting. Then   students are excited to learn, and they do not feel I am wasting their time.”

Nelson, who holds a Master of Public Administration degree, is Program Manager, Continuing Education Contracts and Special Programs at Bellevue University. His professional experience also includes developing training for employees of a national youth services nonprofit and a nationally recognized healthcare organization.

In his first years at Bellevue University, Nelson partnered with a variety of faculty members to redesign the University’s curriculum development process, with a goal of improving real world relevancy and impact. Today, Nelson manages behavioral health continuing education programs through a long-term contract with the State of Nebraska. In addition, he is an adjunct professor in Bellevue University’s Master of Healthcare Administration degree program. 

Bellevue University’s Behavioral Health continuing education programs are online offerings that fulfill Continuing Education Credit (CEU) requirements of mental health providers in rural and urban areas, making it convenient for busy professionals. “With our expertise in designing online learning, we are able to serve students across the state, saving them time and travel expenses as they earn their required CEUs,” Nelson explained.

The Bellevue University Behavioral Health programs for Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors and Disordered Gambling Training are approved by NAADAC, the National Association for Addiction Professionals. This important recognition means that the contact hours or CEUs earned are accepted toward national credentialing by the NAADAC Certification Commission.

 “Mental health professionals know their services are in demand and they recognized the value of ongoing learning,” Nelson stated. While Bellevue University has held the State of Nebraska contract to support behavioral health professionals for several years, the focus has always been on innovation to keep students engaged, along with teaching the most relevant knowledge and skills.

“We consistently collect student feedback and use that to see how we can help students learn. Then, we enhance courses accordingly,” Nelson said. Examples of techniques which enhance learning include practice writing and role plays followed by instructor feedback.

“I’ve always been enthusiastic about helping people experience the joy of learning and accomplishing their goals,” Nelson said. “It’s great to be part of Bellevue University where the entire culture is focused on the very same thing.”

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