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Cabantac Leverages MBA to Target New Career


 After completing his Master of Business Administration (MBA) online last year, Lucas Cabantac has seen his career change completely. “My master's degree allowed me to land my new role with Target, as it was seeking recent graduate students.” Cabantac, who lives in California, recently became the Operations Manager under Target Corporation’s Supply Chain and Distribution Network, supporting the largest distribution warehouse in Target's supply chain network.

“I was in the entertainment industry at the time and knew that I could utilize my learnings and apply them to the workforce” he said. “Since [earning my MBA], I have changed industries, and it is still proving very useful as I am continually leveraging my education into real-world applications such as people and performance management.

He says his Bellevue University experience also has given him a better understanding of business decisions at a higher level and insights on navigating through operations management while working with a team with a varying degree of knowledge and backgrounds.

An MBA for Career Growth

Cabantac knew an MBA would be the best way to pursue career growth. “I've always enjoyed how businesses operate and really found my strengths in the workplace with managing and leading teams,” he said.

As he began looking for a school, he found with a marketing concentration to be the perfect fit. “Bellevue University had a great track record for student retention and had the available program I wanted to enroll in at the time,” he said. “Also, I was a Bruin in undergraduate at UCLA. It was only fitting that I continue to be a Bruin during my graduate career.”

A Great Experience at Bellevue University

Cabantac’s said his online master’s degree experience was vastly different from his experience earning his bachelor’s degree in the physical classroom. He enjoyed close collaboration with classmates and support from instructors.

“My professors were very helpful in ensuring our success,” he said. “I took two courses with Professor Randa Zalman and she provided students with the support needed to succeed. She was able to meet via Zoom for office hours or for announcements, which allowed me to feel more connected to the class even though I was thousands of miles away.”

“Lucas was the best kind of student -- hungry for knowledge, a positive contributor in class and very, very bright,” Zalman said. “I'm just so very proud of the work he's doing.”

“I am continually utilizing people and performance management within my position, all of which is attributed to the lessons learned during my time at Bellevue University.”