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Dean's Message: Looking Toward the Future


Greetings from the Bellevue University College of Business! This time of year is full of excitement and celebration as students of all ages  celebrate their accomplishments and look toward the next steps in their life and learning journeys.

Bellevue University’s College of Business students are relishing their achievements.  We commend the 275+ College of Business graduates for their perseverance because many life, professional, and academic challenges are inherent on the journey to graduation.  The achievements of our students, as well as the stellar work of our College of Business faculty and staff, are inspiring and set the stage for the future.  As this group of students journey toward graduation, we look for to meeting new students who are ready to embark on their own unique path of discovery.

Another area where we look toward the future is through our Strategic Finance degree programs. Under the leadership of Dr. Kevin Schieuer, our Strategic Finance program brings together two essential areas of business – finance and strategy – and prepares individuals to contribute as both financial and business leaders to the long-term, sustainable value creation for all sorts of organizations.

Thanks to Dr. Schieuer and his outstanding faculty team, our College of Business students and alumni go on to their next chapters armed with a solid mastery of finance and financial decision-making in the real world. Through this issue of Innovating Business, you’ll see how our faculty and our students are able to advance their own positions, that of their teams, and certainly enhance their organizations.

As our newest graduates join the ranks of nearly 60,000 Bellevue University alumni around the world, we look forward to starting our own next chapter here in the College of Business. Many of the pages are yet to be written, but one thing I know for sure is that they will include innovation designed to develop high-performing lifelong learners ready to lead.

Dr. Rebecca Murdock

Dean, College of Business



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