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Highs and Lows: Mike Hannon Hits All the Right Shots

Highs and Lows: Mike Hannon Hits All the Right Shots

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

High Law School Admission Test (LSAT) scores and low golf scores are what Bellevue University golfer Mike Hannon is shooting for during his senior season. In fact, Hannon has already carded his first objective having applied at seven law schools and been admitted to all seven. He will attend the University of Nebraska College of Law in the fall.

“The application process to law school, for me, was stressful,” said, Hannon, who attend Hastings St. Cecilia High School. “I had seven schools that I applied to, all in the Midwest. I was able to get into all of them, so I had choices. My main one ever since I started this was Nebraska. It’s a top tier law school and financially it made sense. It’s close to home. When that acceptance letter came in there wasn’t much decision to be made.”

HannonMike_1516 (2)At Bellevue University, Hannon feels well prepared for law school by his double major in History and Liberal Studies. He credits Dr. Darius Watson for inspiring him throughout his collegiate career.

“I’ve taken a ton of courses with him. I’m completing my senior thesis with him,” Hannon said “He requires a lot of work. It sometimes can be overwhelming at the beginning of the term when you only have 12 weeks to complete it. I kind of grew to like that. For me, it’s interesting. He critiques you. He helps you along the way. He’s just incredibly passionate about current events, history, security, and intelligence.”

An international roster of teammates, travel opportunities throughout the United States, and the humbling nature of the game, have provided more than their fair share of learning opportunities during Hannon’s time as a member of the University’s golf team.

“As a team, it’s motivating when you see one of our teammates struggling or doing really well. If they’re struggling you know you have to grind a little harder,” Hannon said. “The same thing if they’re playing well, it kind of motivates you to keep going.  Every stroke matters. Throughout a 54-hole golf tournament and five players, there are a lot of strokes there. It’s kind of crazy when it comes down to one or two and it always seems that it does.”

The University’s golf teams have always had an international flavor since their inception in 2011.

“I’ve gotten to know a lot of guys over four years from Canada, here in the States, South Africa, and mostly in South America. It’s definitely been a learning experience,” Hannon said. “I think it is kind of cool when we go someplace here in the United States for them to see it. Like when we go to Las Vegas. For a lot of them, maybe they never thought they were going to see that.  They’re a long way from home. It’s kind of cool to get to share that experience with them.”

20151005 - MGolf BellevueWhile Vegas is fun, Hannon’s favorite golf trip has a little bit different flavor -- Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin.

“The trip my sophomore year was by far the coolest trip I’ve ever had the pleasure of being on. It’s just an awesome facility,” Hannon said. “The first day I walked onto the golf course I was just in awe. Then I started to realize we had to play a tournament there and it is incredibly hard. It was the worst weather I’ve played in in a long time. It snowed. It was October in Wisconsin, but I got done and I was freezing. My hands were frozen, but I walked out and I was like I want to do it again. I want to keep going.”

Hannon was recruited to the University by Head Men’s Golf Coach Rob Brown. Brown was at a high school tournament to watch another player, but Hannon caught his eye.

It’s a relationship that has worked out for both coach and player. Hannon was named Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference Golfer of the Year in the 2013-2014 season when he claimed his first individual title by winning the conference tournament.

“Coach Brown -- he’s been great for four years. He’s a character. He’s fun to be around,” Hannon said. “But most importantly, he’s just a good guy. He’ll go to any length to make sure that all eight of us have what we need to succeed. Whether it’s academically, in golf, or in life -- he goes out of his way to make that happen.”