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Master of Healthcare Administration Degree Levels Up Alum’s Career

Sean Tynes is positive about one thing – his Master of Healthcare Administration degree from Bellevue University helped him move up the ladder.

Tynes graduated from the MHA program in summer 2017, after which he earned a promotion at the substance use and mental health treatment agency he was employed at.

He worked at that company for 10 years before leaving this past April. About a year prior, he became a director there.

“I would have never been able to get that job or likely any job prior to that if I didn’t have the master’s degree from Bellevue,” Tynes said. “I know that for a fact. It directly helped me with that company.”

Tynes started working for the agency after receiving his bachelor’s degree in business administration from York College of Pennsylvania and moving to Florida to get sober. He graduated right during the Great Recession, so the job market wasn’t accommodating, and he didn’t get to use his degree much.

Tynes’ job at the substance use and mental health treatment agency ended up being a great fit for him. There, he also did a lot of work with family systems and helping people process addictions and compulsive behaviors.

After his first four years at the agency, Tynes was promoted to a management position. It was then that he realized he wanted to stay in the industry because he could make a difference, and the work brought him joy. At that point, he decided to further his administrative skillset and go back to school for an advanced degree.

Tynes chose to pursue his MHA at Bellevue University in part because he could do his studies on his own time.

“I needed the flexibility to make my own schedule,” he said. “I like facilitating my own learning.”

Having the MHA provided the knowledge and confidence to be where I am today. 

Sean Tynes, Bellevue University alumnus

One Bellevue University professor who especially stood out to Tynes was Director of the MHA Program Mike Freel – someone who challenged Tynes’ thinking and opinions, which is something he had hoped graduate school would offer him.

Recently, Tynes applied to Columbia University’s School of Social Work. Freel wrote him a letter of recommendation, and Tynes believes that directly aided his acceptance. He will begin his studies on January 17.

He added, “I for sure know I wouldn’t have gotten into Columbia if I didn’t have my degree from Bellevue, and my GPA, which was a 4.0.”

Ultimately, Tynes feels his professional life has done nothing but blossom since he earned his MHA from Bellevue University.

“Instead of having a job, I am self-employed and involved with a few different companies within the mental health and substance use space, including a company that my wife and I started together – a therapeutic practice called Parallels Consulting,” he said.

“Having the MHA provided the knowledge and confidence to be where I am today. I feel the Master of Social Work program will provide me with more technical knowledge to allow me to better treat patients and families directly.”

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