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MBA Produces For FedEx Employee

MBA Produces For FedEx Employee

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

Bellevue University delivers!

Just ask Jerrica Cook. As a Senior Solutions Specialist at FedEx Services, she knows a little bit about what it takes to deliver the goods. Cook recently earned her MBA with a concentration in Supply Chain Management.

JerricaCookCook was able to balance the demands of work and family while pursuing her degree.

“Throughout the 2- year program, I learned far more than ever thought I could while still being able to be a good mom, wife and employee,” she said. “Going through this program not only taught me concepts that I could apply in the workplace, but it gave me the sense of accomplishment and empowered me to continue to strive for the best out of life, ultimately resulting in my move into the Solutions organization.”

Cook said the MBA program brought real world knowledge to the classroom -- information that she was able to immediately apply on the job.

“The biggest change in me is the way I viewed the organization. Prior to completing my Masters, everything I did was on a departmental level. I saw the work that I produced and its direct effect on the customer,” she said. “But after completing this program, I started seeing the vision of the company and how my role fit into the overall strategic objectives of FedEx and how my work indirectly affected those things. I stopped thinking like an individual contributor (IC) and starting thinking like an Executive.” Since completing her degree, Cook has become a staunch advocate of higher education.

“When employees are given the right education and tools to assist them with putting the pieces together, the results are phenomenal not only for you, but for the organization,” she said. “Bellevue University can help you get to the next level and is the key to your success – I am living proof.”