16:12 PM

My View: We Go to Extremes to Help Students Succeed

I’m David Levy and I’ve been teaching online courses in Decision Sciences and Supply Chain Management at Bellevue University for about 20 years.

In online teaching at Bellevue University, I’ve learned the importance of providing more resources to my students. I film class lectures and make sure they’re succinct so they can be of the highest use for my students. In this process, I’ve really learned how to be a more effective communicator. The video lectures help my students engage more. I’ve never had a student say they felt like they’re in self-study and I’m glad for that.

Our adjunct professors who have taught for other schools say that Bellevue University provides a lot of resources and that we have built truly effective online content and curriculum. One example is the kind of support the University provides professors. We have technical people as resources who are available to us, and instructional designers who are experts in creating online materials and can help faculty who need it. With this support staff, the faculty get to focus on teaching, students and curriculum. When the professors are supported, the students are supported, too.

We go to extremes to help students succeed, and I’m happy to be part of that.