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The Padilla Story

The Bellevue University Experience: The Padilla Story

By Chelsie Hartness, Senior Copywriter

Angel and Karen Padilla came to Bellevue University, separately, looking for a place to learn and grow. Not only did they find this, but also a place to work, build a home, and most notably, they found each other.

Padillaedit1As the first in her family to attend college, Karen was drawn to Bellevue University (BU), for the small class sizes and scholarship opportunities. She stayed because of the guidance she received.

“When I came to Bellevue University,” Karen said, “I was greeted by the friendly staff who made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. It would have been very difficult for me to attend college if it wasn’t for the help and support BU provided me.”

Angel agreed, and explained that he ultimately chose Bellevue University because it was close to where he lived and because of the support the University offers.

“It was the perfect environment for what I needed after coming from a small city,” Angel said.

Soon enough, the two met during their Latin American Culture class and became friends. They both explained that though they didn’t plan on keeping contact after the term was over, they kept bumping into each other outside of school – at church, the grocery store, and at the mall. Angel said, through a smile, that it took a while to make things official, but that she eventually gave in.

“She is a beautiful person inside and out, so I thought it was worth the wait.”

Though both were busy with college activities -- Angel, a soccer player for Bellevue University, and Karen, a member of the Multicultural Club and volunteer for numerous campus events – they still found time to make it work. Angel and Karen were married in 2011.

Currently, Angel is a Programmer Analyst at Bellevue University, working with programming languages and developing web applications. Karen began her career with the University as a work-study and eventually became part of the Community Outreach Program.

Padillaedit2“In 2012 when I graduated from Bellevue University,” said Karen, “I was hired full-time as the CSR of Scholarships and Grants. Within a year after that, I was promoted to Admission Counselor on the Undergraduate team. I loved being able to help other students get their journey started with BU and be that person supporting them, as someone did [for] me when I started.”

Karen has recently accepted a position with Union Pacific.

“I feel truly lucky to have supportive co-workers and Managers that cheer me on! I will really miss my team and BU.”

We asked the Padillas what they would say to anyone considering enrolling at Bellevue University.

“My advice would be to really think about what career path you want to take,” said Angel, “because if Bellevue University has the programs and education for the path you want, it will most definitely help you reach your career goals in life.”

“I would tell them to not be afraid and ask for help. All the counselors, advisors and professors are very helpful and are there to assist the student,” Karen said. “Those that fail are the ones that just give up and don’t seek the help they need. Bellevue University has tutoring, a writing center, and helpful staff so there is no excuse to not succeed.”

At Bellevue University, we are honored to serve many students, like the Padillas, and look forward to witnessing their life-long successes.