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Two-Time HR Program Alum Gives Back as Adjunct Professor

“Sometimes we choose a different path in life because the old path is disappointing, unfulfilling or failing to lead us in the right direction,” said John Jameson. “Therefore, with the idea of attaining some level of security and bringing about a positive change in my life, I took the advice of a friend and began my first class at Bellevue University.”

That move kickstarted Jameson’s undergraduate studies to earn a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management and personnel development. Shortly thereafter, Jameson found himself unemployed due to a company buy-out and subsequent workforce reduction.

“To make matters worse, I had a family of five, no insurance, and my wife had just been diagnosed with breast cancer,” he shared.

But he stayed the course, and says it was one of the single best decisions he’s ever made. In 2019, Jameson earned a Master of Science in Human Resource Strategic Management, as well.

“Today, two kids are grown and on their own, my youngest is a senior all-state volleyball player, and I am a highly compensated Chief Human Resources Officer for Marco Group Inc., a manufacturer of educational furniture, and a part-time Bellevue University adjunct professor,” said Jameson. “Bellevue made this possible for me.”

As a two-time graduate of Bellevue University, John Jameson feels the university has afforded him a number of experiences and growth opportunities.

“While working through and completing my education at Bellevue, I gained a far greater level of satisfaction and confidence to know that I can do anything I set my mind to do,” he shared.

In his role as adjunct professor, Jameson shares his expertise in human resources with both undergraduate and graduate students. He initially took the role as a way to give back to the university.

While working through and completing my education at Bellevue, I gained a far greater level of satisfaction and confidence to know that I can do anything I set my mind to do.

John Jameson, Bellevue University Alumnus and Adjunct Professor

“Knowing what a Bellevue University master's degree had done for me, I had the desire to help others,” he said. “Twenty-twenty hindsight told me I should have done this years ago. However, helping others professionally and personally is something that gives me great joy. I wish I could do more.”

Teaching at the university gives his career a feeling of completeness, Jameson said, and it’s all because of Angie Longe, Program Director of the masters of human resource management program.

“When I talk about helping others personally and professionally, I would be remiss if I did not formally acknowledge Angie and her support through this journey,” he shared. “She is why I am an adjunct professor and able to round out my career by helping others achieve their dreams.”

Throughout his career, Jameson has achieved a lot himself. He’s spent a majority of it in operations, with 23 years in the airline industry and almost nine years in the trucking industry.

Some highlights that stand out to him the most include being promoted from a baggage handler to airport station manager within six months, operating as the number one CRJ regional airline in the world as the director of operations, and being acknowledged as the 2008 Mr. Missouri Superheavy Weight and Most Muscular Winner.

For Jameson, earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Bellevue University were monumental achievements, as well.

“Honestly, the entire process of learning something that I was thoroughly invested in became extremely enjoyable and addictive,” he shared. “My experience was capped off by attending the graduation ceremony and meeting some of the instructors. The Bellevue University graduation process is something I did not imagine, as it truly brings perspective to the journey and accomplishment.”

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