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Weinberg Advances Career, Impacts Community Thanks to MBA Degree Through Yeshiva Initiatives Educational Program

Longtime Partnership Between Bellevue University and YIEP Has Created Environment That Does Not Conflict with Students' Lifestyles and Customs

When Yitzchok Weinberg started looking for an MBA program, he was already a husband, father, and director of a nonprofit. He was also looking for a place where he could freely practice his Jewish values, beliefs and customs. He found that through Bellevue University’s partnership with Yeshiva Initiatives Educational Programs (YIEP), and his Master of Business Administration (MBA) has helped him grow his impact and give back to the community through education.

“I did extensive research when I was choosing a school,” Weinberg said. “I was looking for an accredited, well regarded online program that provided an excellent education and flexibility. Bellevue University met all these criteria!”

About the YIEP Partnership

Through its partnership with YIEP, the Bellevue University faculty and staff customized programs that allow Orthodox Jews to continue their education in an environment that does not conflict with their lifestyle demands and cultural customs.

The program began in 2005, and has grown to include a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, bachelor’s degrees in business and human services, an MBA, and a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling. The program is the longest running educational partnership in Bellevue University’s 57-year history.

Finding Flexibility in Online Learning

Weinberg grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and now lives in Jackson, New Jersey. He is the executive director of the Flatbush Community Fund in Brooklyn. After seeing an advertisement and hearing about YIEP and Bellevue University, he decided the MBA with a Healthcare Concentration was the best fit.

“I was always interested in business and entrepreneurship,” Weinberg said. “A business degree is an excellent way to advance my career and gain skills and knowledge that benefits me.”

Bellevue University was a new experience for Weinberg in two ways: it was his first secular higher education experience and his first time studying online.

“My undergraduate degree was earned at a religious Talmudic institution,” he said. “Bellevue University was my first real college experience, and it was great!”

He also found that studying online provided the flexibility he needed.

“Learning online allowed me to get my MBA from a great program that otherwise would have been geographically limited,” he said. “I very much enjoyed the online experience. I could finish the coursework on my schedule, yet have excellent professors' guidance and classmates' camaraderie.”

Applying Lessons to the Nonprofit World

Weinberg has quickly applied insights from his experience, both during his MBA program and after graduating in March 2022.

“Nonprofits often get a bad rap for being run in a lackadaisical and unprofessional manner. While many organizations are run incredibly efficiently, the stigma still exists,” he said. “Having an MBA allows us to ensure we run our programs business-like and demonstrate to our stakeholders the same.

Weinberg said earning his MBA helped with his business expertise in several ways. “I was able to grow the organization at a much quicker rate with my newfound knowledge. I also felt much more confident when participating in meetings with businesspeople, knowing I could hold my own,” he said.

Paying the Experience Forward

Thanks to a great experience, Weinberg strongly recommends Bellevue University to family and friends.

“The professors were true professionals and incredibly knowledgeable. Whenever I had a question, someone was there, ready and happy to guide me,” he said. “A cousin of mine was the first of hopefully many I’ve recommended that will attend Bellevue University.”

Another way he’s paying his experience forward is with his involvement in Sara Schenirer Institute, which partners with universities to serve Jewish students similar to the way Bellevue University YIEP program does.

“They were starting a new MBA in Nonprofit Management and asked me if I wanted to design the curriculum and begin teaching the inaugural class,” Weinberg said. “This was an exciting opportunity for me. I was always passionate about sharing what I learned through my MBA and as executive director of a nonprofit.”

The experience has been fulfilling for Weinberg. He’s looking forward to his next set of classes, and continuing to share the expertise he’s built through his life, career and Bellevue University education.

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