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Welch Cronin Joins Graphic Design Program

The University has recently welcomed several new faculty members to the Bruin family. Georgia Welch Cronin is one of them – she became an Instructor in the Graphic Design program in November 2018 after serving several stints as an adjunct professor.

How long had you been working at Bellevue University prior to becoming a full-time faculty member and in what role?

I started as an adjunct working at Bellevue University back in 2007 for a couple of years, and then came back to do adjunct work in 2014 and have been doing that since.

How did you first learn about Bellevue University and what prompted you to begin working here?

I grew up in Omaha so I have always known about Bellevue University, but in 2007 I applied for the position after looking for new teaching opportunities. I was already teaching high school graphic design and wanted to start working in higher education.

What classes/programs have you/will you be teaching?

I have taught a range of Graphic Design courses from intro level to the capstone, but I must say my biggest loves are typography, the history of graphic design, and print.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Bellevue University?

I really enjoy teaching and helping students learn new things. Watching them develop as artists and designers is fulfilling, and the chance to work with such a variety of students from so many walks of life and places is a great learning experience for me, as well.

Where did you receive your education and in what discipline(s)?

I have an Associate Degree in Graphic Design from Metropolitan Community College, a Bachelor of Arts in BPMI (Biological Pre-Medical Illustration) from Iowa State University, a Bachelor of Science in Education (K-12 Art and high school biology), and a Master of Science in Secondary Education (with a certificate in instructional technology) from the University of Nebraska Omaha.

Where are you from originally and where did you graduate from high school?

I am originally from Omaha and graduated from Marian High School.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work I love to run and cycle, and I start just about every morning at the gym kickboxing. I love to do interior design too, in addition to my freelance work and my letterpress printing. I enjoy traveling, and just about anything that involves animals. We have a lot of pets and I love working with horses too, though I don't have any. I also have two children and love spending time with them and the rest of my family.

Who have been some of your biggest supporters of your academic and career endeavors?

My family has been very supportive, especially my mom who taught me to value and enjoy my education, and my husband who has always supported my studies and my work endeavors.