10:33 AM

7 Ways to Enhance Online Learning


Below are helpful tips from our experienced faculty for students to maximize their online learning experience at Bellevue University.

  1. Define a Schedule: Set a schedule for attending class and stick to it. If the course is synchronous, the schedule is given to you so you know you should be online to participate. When it is asynchronous, it helps to set the same time aside each week to do class work. This will help you schedule out assignment and posting requirements so you don't miss deadlines.
  2. Define a Space: Set up a "class space" at home. It could be a laptop and favorite chair, or a computer on a desk in a remote room of the house. Then set ground rules with other members in your home who may either share the space or be present during your class time so you have the right environment to do your work. 
  3. Take a Break: No one can do class work for hours without end. If you need to get up from your space and stretch, take a walk, have a snack, do it on a schedule to keep focused on work time when you are online.
  4. Be a Developer: Have an idea that may make the class better? It may be a suggestion for more clarity on an assignment, or another link to material that could be added. Send your suggestions to your professor to incorporate or pass on. 
  5. Use Resources: At a college level, you will have higher expectations of your writing, discussion, and assignment output. Bellevue University has helpful services for these areas, so take advantage of them if you need to. 
  6. Communicate: Your professor is there to answer questions if you have them. Double check course materials if you are missing something - other students can help, too! If you need to email the professor, make sure you follow up if you need a specific answer to your question. You may have only one professor, but they could have many students to juggle at the same time. 
  7. Use a Web Meeting Platform: Platforms like Zoom allow for students and professors to have open discussions about what they have learned. Students can get answers to questions live which is a great way to learn about a professor’s personality and teaching style.