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Bellevue University Reimagines Learning Outcomes in Enhanced Accelerated Master’s Programs

Public Administration & Organizational Performance Students Benefit from Career-Centric Curriculum & Industry Certifications

Bellevue University, one of the nation’s leaders in preparing students for lifelong success with career-relevant knowledge and skills, recently reimagined two of its popular graduate degree programs.

The University enhanced its Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree and its Master of Science in Organizational Performance (MSOP) degree by further aligning the program curriculums with highly recognized industry certifications, such as the PMP (Project Management Professional®) and Six Sigma improvement methodology. Both programs now have six core courses focused on essential knowledge and skills as defined by employers. “That learning is brought to life through six applied project courses,” said John Patterson, J.D., MBA, who directs the programs. “During the applied project courses, students may supplement their preparation for a recognized industry certification credential or develop actual work products, such as a grant or a project plan aligned with the student’s educational goals and career path.”

Although the programs are distinct in their curriculum and learning outcomes, Patterson said that both programs share a career-centric focus in how they were designed “We took into account what would make students more competitive and more valuable,” he said.

Both programs’ calendars have also been redesigned to fit into the lives of students who may be balancing work, family, volunteer activities, military service and more. Patterson said that both the MPA and MSOP degree programs are accelerated – whether students are attending 100 percent online or in-person classes. But the breaks between courses have been extended to approximately three weeks and students can start the program in any calendar quarter. “We’ve also organized the calendars to avoid having classes on most major holidays,” he said. The next start date for both programs is April 2019.