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Bellevue University Library Brimming with Resources

The Freeman/Lozier Library on the campus of Bellevue University is more than just a space to house books.

Outside of the library’s unique moveable stacks is a team of people working to bring a variety of services and resources to online and residential students, faculty and the community.

The Freeman/Lozier collection includes more than 61,054 print titles (includes media), 647,233 eBooks and eVideos, and 52,094 periodical titles in print and electronic formats, according to Robin Bernstein, Senior Director of Library Services at Bellevue University. Bernstein, who has been with the library for over 40 years, is herself a valuable resource, especially for anyone looking to learn about the library.

Much More Than Books

“We’ve gone so far beyond the brick-and-mortar mentality where we’re just a gathering place or a warehouse of books,” Bernstein said. “That’s not only what we are anymore. We offer so many online resources and services. We offer a wealth of knowledge at the fingertips.”

So, what does the library do? The library maintains up-to-date resources to support the University curriculum, provides and circulates both physical and digital materials and conducts library instruction and research assistance to faculty, students and staff.

The library is also a digital archive depository for the University housing photo and video collections, University documents, newspapers and more. Anyone can access the Bellevue University Archives – and trust us when we say, you can spend a lot of time getting lost in history there.

With more than 13,000 students enrolled at Bellevue University – more than 90% of them online – it’s important to meet their research needs. The library offers a unique service called 24/7 Library where a live person is available online through a chat service at all times of the day including weekends, evenings and holidays.

“This service is beneficial to students because it truly makes us 24/7,” Bernstein said. “We have students all around the world, so this tool allows them to have access to a live person that can help with finding the right resources for any assignment at any time.”

The Heart of the Institution

Other borrowing services include Document Delivery for those who can’t physically visit the library can have materials sent to them and Interlibrary Loan where students and faculty can request to borrow books, journal articles, movies, and more from participating libraries worldwide.

Some online resources available include NoodleTools – an online research platform with MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian bibliographies, notecards and outlining resources. Students and faculty also have access to a tool called Lean Library – an extension available on any web browser that will provide access to BU resources regardless of where they are found online.

Beyond its services and resources, the library also has a stellar social media presence with their Facts from the Stacks blog, The More Than Books Podcast, Instagram account, Pinterest page, and the newly created Facebook page. They also publish a quarterly newsletter that shines a spotlight on library services, staff and collections.

“The library is the heart of any institution,” Bernstein said. “People don’t know everything and that’s the beauty of being a librarian. People think librarians are so smart, but they don’t know everything. But, we know how to find out everything and that’s what we’re there for, to help them learn, to help them have what they need to be successful as they enter into the workforce.”

Click here to access all the resources of the Freeman/Lozier Library at Bellevue University.