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Big Changes Open Doors for Bellevue University Alum

Sarah Baggett is not afraid of change. In fact, she embraces it – and for this Bellevue University alumna, that outlook has opened a lot of doors. She’s served as a director of marketing and most recently has taken on a marketing role at the well-known data analytics and consumer intelligence company, J.D. Power. Furthering her education and rising to meet the needs of an evolving business climate helped her get there.

Mastering Marketing with an Online Degree

Baggett completed her Master of Science in Marketing in 2020. She decided to pursue her degree to build her marketing expertise, which was limited to on-the-job experience at the time. The Thomasville, Ga., resident found exactly what she was looking for — a school that accommodated working adult students with an affordable, respected program. “Bellevue University checked off all the boxes,” she said. 

Earning her degree online went smoothly, thanks to helpful faculty; useful tools and resources; and a supportive environment. “I enjoyed being able to work on my own schedule and meet other students in similar situations,” Baggett said. “It was great to collaborate with students from all over the U.S. and gain their insights and opinions on various things.”

Baggett also said she enjoyed her time at Bellevue University much more than previous educational experiences. “Getting my master's degree in marketing expanded my knowledge on the subject, and made me more confident in my decisions,” she said. “I worked with an incredible professor and cohort, and was able to achieve more than I dreamed possible in the program.”

Pushing Forward in a Pandemic

With her master’s degree completed, Baggett was promoted from Marketing Manager to Director of Marketing for the City of Thomasville. “Completing my degree led me to new promotions and other job opportunities,” she said. “Marketing is an incredibly versatile degree that allows you many career opportunities.”


Sarah Baggett, Bellevue University Alumni

It was great to collaborate with students from all over the U.S. and gain their insights and opinions on various things.

Sarah Baggett, Bellevue University Alumni

The COVID-19 pandemic also led to new opportunities, as more companies transitioned to remote work. “These last two years have highlighted for me what's important in a career, a work-life balance and many other areas,” Baggett said. “The changing landscape has made everyone stretch creatively for new ways to engage with audiences. The pandemic introduced me to working-from-home opportunities, as well. Remote work has opened up opportunities for people like me who are not interested in moving, but have the skills and desire to work for companies located elsewhere.”

Ultimately, this led to Baggett securing her current role with J.D. Power, which is headquartered in Michigan. She started in November 2021, and has been able to apply lessons she learned while earning her master’s degree. “I learned to be more flexible and to take feedback into consideration as marketing plans and strategies are built out,” she said. “I also learned a great deal about time management and personal goal setting by going to school online – two skills that have helped me greatly.”

Setting Her Sights on the Future

Baggett is looking forward to continuing to make an impact as a leader in marketing. “I want to keep working hard and helping connect people to solutions through marketing initiatives,” she said. “Connecting people and businesses to solutions to their problems is what marketing is all about.”

For others looking to further their own careers, she says Bellevue University is a great fit. “I'd recommend this program for the flexibility, affordability and quality of the education,” she said.

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