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BU Professors Integrate Innovative Technology into Psychology Program


Bellevue University’s Dr. Jerome Lewis, Assistant Professor of Psychology, and Dr. Roxanne Sullivan, Professor and Program Director of Psychology and Women's Studies, were selected last year as first-wave testers for the American Psychological Association’s (APA) research methods training materials called PsycLearn.

PsycLearn is a digital learning resource for undergraduate psychology courses and an important component of the American Psychological Association's effort to provide effective digital solutions for undergraduate students and faculty.

By being selected as testers, Lewis and Sullivan were able to incorporate PsycLearn training materials into Bellevue University’s Introduction to Psychological Research and Experimental Psychology courses. Recently, they each presented separate digital presentations about APA and PsycLearn’s materials. In addition to using the PsycLearn digital content, these two courses also incorporated Academic Writer as part of the digital content. Academic Writer is APA’s online platform designed to teach students the principles of writing in APA Manuscript Style (7th edition). The Bellevue University program was the first in the country to utilize both of these platforms as an integrated bundle.

“APA is the dominant organization in psychology right now and their push for PsycLearn is going to have a huge impact on Research Methods courses and training materials in the United States,” Lewis said. “Roxanne and I have the privilege to be influential in the testing and dissemination of these materials. Our implementation of these materials in our program keeps us on the ‘bleeding edge’ of innovation in undergraduate psychology programs.”

Lewis presented as part of a webcast titled “PsycLearn: Immerse, Personalize, and Enrich Psychology Instruction” that originally aired Oct. 22, 2020 and Sullivan presented as part of a webcast titled “PsycLearn: Research Methods in the Classroom” that originally aired Feb. 2, 2020. Both presentations are available to view on demand now.

Currently, Lewis is involved in the PsycLearn: Social Psychology digital content and Sullivan is reviewing content for PsycLearn: Statistics.

For more information about Bellevue University’s Psychology program, visit bellevue.edu/degrees/bachelor/psychology-bs/.

For more information about PsycLearn, visit http://digitallearning.apa.org/psyc-learn.