12:53 PM

Counselor, Coach, Mentor, Consultant?

If you have considered becoming a professional counselor or an executive or life coach, a recent presentation by Bellevue University faculty member Dr. Victor Harms may be of interest.

Harms, who has a private counseling practice in the Omaha area and teaches several subjects, including graduate-level coaching courses, in the University’s College of Arts and Sciences, helped define terms during the Human Capital Lab’s Spring Colloquium titled “How Many Hats Do I Need?” Key points and terms defined and discussed included:

  • Counseling – is a medical diagnosis and treatment model focused on solving problems from the past
  • Mentoring – is based on past experience of the mentor—what they did in a similar situation
  • Consulting – is based on providing specialized knowledge/techniques/skills the person/organization lacks
  • Coaching – a measurable performance model based on what the person wants to accomplish

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