21:04 PM

Dean's Message: Accounting for the Future


Greetings from the faculty and staff of the College of Business! As I write this message, April 15 (tax filing day for many of us) is just around the corner! As this milestone day approaches, many will evaluate the financial and tax decisions of the past year and identify strategies for future tax years. Obviously, some will turn to an accountant for tax planning assistance, as well as for the preparation of their tax returns.  

As a profession, accounting is not just focused on tax planning and preparation, audit practice, financial analysis, or transactional systems. Individuals with a solid foundation of accounting skills and knowledge may pursue excellent opportunities in a variety of industries, organizations, and related career fields. 

However, today’s contemporary business environment demands that accounting professionals must imagine the future of their professional practice in conjunction with digital transformation strategies playing out in their organizations. Fundamentally, accounting educators, including our own, and accounting professionals, must boldly reconsider how to advance educational and career pathways so that current employees and new entrants can be successful and effective in a modern digital age.  

In this issue of Innovating Business, it’s my privilege to introduce you to the educators and learners who are helping to chart the evolutionary path of the accounting field. Thanks to their efforts, the development of core accounting knowledge and skills is occurring in concert with the development of knowledge and skills in areas such as data analytics, technology, finance, and strategy. When you read their stories, I believe you’ll feel as I do, that our future and the future of accounting is in excellent hands.

Dr. Rebecca Murdock

Dean, College of Business