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Dean's Message: Spotlight on Supply Chain Education


Happy New Year from the faculty and staff of the College of Business! This issue of Innovating Business for Real Life turns the spotlight  on the successes and opportunities associated with our supply chain academic programs. 

The focus is timely, particularly as we reflect on the events of the past two years. The challenges associated with supply chains have been highlighted in our everyday conversations as an area of critical importance to households, industries, and organizations. As per our usual format for this newsletter, you will learn about the faculty, academic programs, students, and alums who are contributing to the greater good by transforming knowledge and practical expertise into the goods and services vital to daily living and economic prosperity.

In the year ahead, a number of supply chain trends are being considered as critical for enhancing organizational performance in the global business environment.  According to the Association for Supply Chain Management, acquisition and retention of supply chain talent appears at the top of the trend list.  Additionally, continuing to build supply chain capability around advanced analytics and automation, continued expansion of e-commerce, addressing cybersecurity risks, and leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning all occupy a position in the list of top ten trends (www.ascm.org). 

Given these trends and the significance of supply chain capability to organizations of all types around the globe, Bellevue University is uniquely situated to continue to prepare students for meaningful career opportunities and leadership roles in a wide range of industries and organizations.  It is with great pride that we share the successes of our students, faculty, and alums in this issue of Innovating Business for Real Life.

Dr. Rebecca Murdock,

Dean, College of Business 

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