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Eaglesham’s Advice: Keep Grinding

Eaglesham’s Advice: Keep Grinding

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

From the pitch to the podium, Graeme Eaglesham has had a successful stint as a Bellevue University student-athlete. After scoring 28 goals for the University’s men’s soccer team, Eaglesham capped his career by earning his bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Performance. He was also selected as the student speaker for the 2015 Spring Commencement ceremony.

“I am hoping that my fellow students can take motivation in my story of reaching graduation and to believe that anything can be achieved if we put our minds to it,” Eaglesham said. “It means the world to me. My mother always wanted me to graduate and to finally do so and make her proud is a great feeling.”

Eaglesham hails from Maidens, Scotland and made the leap across the pond after getting an offer from the Bruins. Graeme2“I received a phone call from the men's soccer coach, Matt Briggs, asking if I wished to play for the team, one month later I flew from Scotland to Omaha Nebraska!” he said. “It was a great experience for me getting to travel across the country with the soccer team. They have become like my second family.”

Eaglesham earned Midland Collegiate Athletic Conference Newcomer of the Year honors in 2009. He was first team All-MCAC in 2009 and 2011 and second team All-MCAC in 2012.

Juggling school, soccer, and other responsibilities required a certain amount of focus, Eaglesham said. “I think it really becomes second nature. You have certain goals in your mind and you just need to have tunnel vision. You need to carry out small tasks one at a time until you reach those goals.”

He is already on to his next assignment as Sports Education Manager for the Pacific Soccer Academy Royals in San Jose, California.

“It is just a tremendous honor to be able to address everyone at the commencement. I just want people to know that anything is possible,” Eaglesham said. “I come from a small town in Scotland and over the past two years I have been a grave digger, mail man, unemployed, but now I am moving to California for my dream job. No matter what you are going through, keep grinding.”