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Education Continues For Missouri State Rep, Alumnus

Education Continues For Missouri State Rep, Alumnus

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

Trying to hit the ground running can be tough for anyone starting a new job. Justin Hill, a new state representative in the Missouri House of Representatives and a 2010 graduate of Bellevue University, can attest to that.

Hill2 “My first few months in office delivered a crash course in how bills and agendas move forward and how they fail,” said Representative Hill. “There is no training course for legislators. New legislators are fresh and have had little time to be "educated" on issues by interested parties; therefore, a lot can be passed quickly while one fourth of the legislature is learning the ropes.”

Hill, a Republican, represents District 108 in Missouri which includes Lake St. Louis, O’Fallon, Dardenne Prairie, and Wentzville. He was elected in November 2014 with 72 percent of the vote. Hill was motivated to seek elected office after a career in law enforcement and insurance.

“I always followed the politics behind the decisions that were passed down to those that enforce law or deliver government services. The waste and the self-interest that I witnessed in all levels of government was extremely disheartening,” he said. “I ultimately decided to run for office following the enactment of the Affordable Care Act.  The federal government's overreach into our personal healthcare options went too far and I wanted a state government that could stand up against bad policy and federal funding enticements.”

Hill had earned an Associate’s Degree from St. Louis Community College in 2002, and was looking to build on his education when a Bellevue University representative visited his police department. The online options fit with his schedule.

“I was assigned as an undercover narcotics detective and going to a brick and mortar school was not a good option. I was excited to learn that I could finish my bachelors in the safety of my own home,” he said. “The enrollment process was seamless. I expressed my needs to the advisor and she addressed each one promptly.”

Hill earned his Bachelor of Science in Management and enjoyed the Kirkpatrick Signature Series (KSS) courses in particular.

“The KSS was the final factor in the decision to attend Bellevue University.  The expressed values of a higher education institution are extremely important in the decision to earn a degree from that university,” Hill said. “I was excited to learn that Bellevue valued limited government, freedom, and responsibility.  It was a pleasure to share with others my experiences as a government employee who recognized the government's ability to continuously expand. It was even more of a pleasure explaining our duty as citizens, granted to us through the constitution, to make sure it stays accountable to the people in protecting their individual rights.”

Going forward, Hill hopes to impact healthcare options in Missouri.

“My primary goal for this first term is to move forward good legislation regarding healthcare and health insurance,” he said. “Healthcare is at the top of everyone's list for reform and I intend to help Missouri move in the direction of restoring free-market principles in the purchase of healthcare services and health insurance.”