17:13 PM

Expecto, Scripturam! Three Ways the Writing Center Can Serve as a Source of Magic for Students

Anyone who wants to write better (and we all do!) should schedule an appointment with the Bellevue University Writing Center because that’s where the magic happens.

We’re not talking about fictional wizardry, but rather the ways the experienced Writing Center consultants can conjure up your inner writing confidence and know-how. Writing Center consultants can assist with the following:

• Issues with organization. Writing Center consultants can help you sort out the components of your assignment and order them for maximum effectiveness. When your paper has its main idea/thesis, logic, and evidence support in the right places, it will flow naturally and express your ideas in an effective way.

• Source attribution. Crediting, or citing a source, is simply a way of using an expert’s ideas as proof, or evidence, of a new idea that you are trying to communicate. The guidance that Writing Center consultants provide on when and whether to cite a source in a paper works like a charm for those who don’t even realize they may need adjustments in this area.

• Grammar and writing mechanics. Sentence structure, proper punctuation, verb agreement, APA Style…we know it can all feel like a confusing combination sometimes. Writing Center consultants understand that grammar and mechanics are like the right ingredients within a recipe. The consultants can help ensure that the right ingredients are being used so your recipe, or your paper, achieves its desired effect.

If you’re not sure how you can benefit from the Bellevue University Writing Center, submit a paper for review.

From there, Bellevue University Writing Center consultants will review your work and send you back written feedback. Because our Consultants want to make you a better writer, we don’t just highlight errors. Instead, we show you ways to improve your writing, give you tips on finding and correcting errors, and share strategies for revising content on your own.

Then, you’re free to adopt and incorporate the Writing Center feedback, check with your professor, or even leave your paper as is. There are no tricks – just feedback that’s approachable and helpful.

For more information on the Bellevue University Writing Center, watch this short video: https://youtu.be/pJo6_DK6eo4