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Flexxive® Helps Boat Captain Earn Degree

Flexxive® Helps Boat Captain Earn Degree

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

As a boat captain for a parasailing company, Alan Campbell enjoys a little adventure. So diving into Bellevue University’s first offering in its new Flexxive® learning model, a Bachelor of Business Administration – Business Enterprise and Essential Management Skills, came as second nature. Campbell’s research had shown Bellevue University to be an affordable, accredited option to continue his education. Admissions Counselor Michele Smith provided him with information on the new Flexxive option.

“I was initially drawn to the Flexxive program because it was affordable, and it offered an accelerated degree path,” Campbell said. Campbell had prior college experience, but didn’t find the traditional path to his liking. He has since enjoyed smooth sailing with Flexxive.

“My experience with Bellevue, and the Flexxive program, has been five stars since day one,” he said. “The admissions counselor was thorough, responsive, and provided excellent continuity of service. My courses transferred easily and I immediately had a clear, coherent path ahead of me. Financial aid was made easy by Bellevue's accommodating staff.” Campbell has taken advantage of an option within the Flexxive program that allows students to save over 50% on the total cost of completing their degree by moving through the courses at an accelerated pace.

“I actually completed my last 2 years of college in one year for less than $6,500!” Campbell said. “I've really had to work at it, but I thrive with the self-paced format. When I get a few free days, I really buckle down for 8 or 9 hours a day, and knock out large chunks of my classes. Perfect for the motivated, working student.” Campbell praised the work of Flexxive faculty members Sharon Rea, Kent Burkholder, and Merrill Johnson and he is on track to complete his last course on June 30th.

“It will feel like an enormous load has been lifted off my shoulders,” he said. “I have been in and out of colleges for over 10 years, and to finally tie it all together is priceless. I'm hoping to enter and MBA program, or law school, in the fall of 2015.”

In the meantime, Campbell is enjoying providing a little adventure for others at Pirate’s Cove Parasailing. http://www.piratescoveparasail.com/


“One day, I flew 154 passengers in 12 hours,” he said. “It takes a lot of concentration, and a lot of experience. I am responsible for the lives of thousands of people every year. That being said, we have a lot of fun out there on water -- couldn't ask for a better office.”