10:25 AM

Free Enterprise is alive and well!

A February 8 College of Business Speaker Series presentation was not only interesting and informative but provided a refreshing and optimistic reminder that free enterprise is alive and well, even in a less than perfect economy.

The program, titled Dream, Launch, Grow: Lessons for the Entrepreneur, was presented by Omaha-area entrepreneurs Jenny Farha Galley and Sarah Farha Troia, founder-owners of the Denim Saloon, a retail business located in Omaha’s historic Dundee neighborhood and online at http://denimsaloon.com.


The two women, who are sisters,  systematically talked through what it has been like to start, grow, and operate their business, which is off to a great start since opening in August 2010. Their presentation provided lots of interesting insights into the retail merchandising and marketing world as well as personal touches such as including how a picture of their grandfather became part of the business logo.

If you have ever entertained thoughts of starting a business or commercializing an idea, the (Flash) video of the presentation, including PowerPoint slides, will be an informing and entertaining hour well-spent.

Presentation Video Link 

The College of Business offers these quarterly free speaker series programs on the Bellevue University, and alumni are always welcome to attend. The February presentation was the first one to be hosted by the University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Capitalism. You will be hearing more about the Center and its programs in the near future.