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Graduation a Special Time for Alum’s Business

Graduation a Special Time for Alum’s Business

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

May and June are surely Fred Schall’s favorite time of year. While the weather in sunny Tamarac, Florida, Schall’s home town, is probably one reason, it’s graduation season that Schall enjoys the most. Graduation season means business is booming for Schall’s Diploma Plaque Laminators mail-order business.

“Business has grown each year since our business began in 2007,” said Schall, who earned his Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management from Bellevue University that year. “Of course, graduation time is a very busy time of the year for us. We have many repeat clients from all of the United States and Canada. We have medical doctors, attorneys, CPA's, Masters, Ph.D.'s and all other professions sending us their diplomas and certificates as well new customers each day.”

Schall first became aware of Bellevue University through online research.

“I was attracted to the many courses offered and the ease in which I was able to work with the staff in completing my academic goals,” he said. “The entire experience was the best! The fact that I could take classes online was incredible. Professor Sheryl Okash was outstanding! I always say, ‘I wish my parents could have seen this’."