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Internships Kickstart Accounting Graduate’s Career Journey

As an accounting student at Bellevue University, Ellie Bliemeister had an impressive internship experience at Mutual of Omaha, where she worked in the corporate accounting department.

Even after graduating from the university this past November, Bliemeister continues to expand her resume and is currently amidst an internship at KPMG – an experience that enables her to learn more about business tax practice.

“This internship has included challenging and rewarding work amidst a busy tax season,” she said.

Bliemeister plans to pursue yet another internship this summer. Starting in May, she’ll work as an audit intern at BKD – one of the largest accounting and advisory firms in the United States.

The Bellevue University alumna said the choice to chase multiple internships gives her the opportunity to fine-tune what she wants her career to look like.

“There are so many different paths to take with accounting, and I’m using this transitional period to intern and find out where I want to begin my career,” Bliemeister said. “I’m still learning and trying to figure out what my future career goals are.”

What she knows for sure, though, is that she’d eventually like to teach accounting courses in addition to working for either a public accounting firm or a private company.

“I want to teach and show students the different opportunities and paths that you can take with accounting,” Bliemeister explained. “I was inspired by my professors to pursue my goals, and I hope to be a mentor for someone else someday.”

She added that because Bellevue University is a relatively small university, she had the opportunity to get to know her professors and learn about their experiences in the field of accounting.

“I think hearing the different routes each of them took with their degree was integral in my experience,” she said.

Another key part of her time at Bellevue University was her role on the university’s softball team.

I met some of my best friends and had the chance to compete and travel the country while playing my favorite sport,” Bliemeister said. “I was coached by some amazing people who I know will be a part of my life for years to come. I met the head coach, Michala Cimino, when I was a junior in high school. Ever since then, she has been a mentor to me. All the coaches at Bellevue [University] played an essential part in making my time here such a great experience.”

Bliemeister was also involved with the Student Athletic Advisory Committee and a member of the Institute of Management Accountants. In addition, she served as a peer tutor, helping other students in their math, business and accounting courses.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to play softball and get an education [at Bellevue],” she said. “I enjoyed the relationships I developed with my teammates, coaches, professors and administrators the most.”

Ultimately, the threads of Bliemeister’s experience at Bellevue University will weave their way throughout her entire life.

“Bellevue [University] has provided me with a foundation of skills, knowledge and networks that will provide me with confidence in my future career,” she said.

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