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Korea Native Expands Accounting Skill Set at Bellevue University

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In South Korea, the law requires all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 to 28 to serve in the country’s military for about 20 months. 

Bellevue University student Jaewoon Lim is one such male who became an officer in the Republic of Korea Army. He served as a platoon leader, which enabled him to develop his leadership skills, especially when it came to attitude and patience.

In 2003, Lim graduated from college in Korea and was discharged from the Army. He then taught math, so when he came to the United States with his family years later, Lim decided to expand his expertise.   

Lim and his family moved to Virginia – his wife in 2014 and he and his two sons a year later – because his wife was accepted into a doctoral program for organizational behavior. While in Virginia, Lim attended a community college, where he learned applied calculus, linear algebra, statistics and discrete math.

“I found out the value of studying math and felt great joy by approaching the depth of knowledge,” he said.

In 2020, Lim transferred to Bellevue University and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting.

“I had a new start as a college student,” he said. “There were times when it was difficult for me to participate actively in class due to my lack of English-speaking skills.”

Thankfully, though, Lim has had professors who care and actively try to understand his questions even when they’re not clear.

“In particular, Professor Monica McElhaney gave me practical advice on what to prepare and develop besides studying in the department, which was very helpful,” he said. “I am happy with the supportive environment.”

And the feeling is mutual. According to McElhaney, Lim is an off-the-charts intelligent and outstanding student.

After he graduates from Bellevue this winter, Lim hopes to find a job in the field he loves in the city he and his family have grown fond of: Omaha.

“I am delighted when I realize that accounting is opening my eyes little by little to understanding the activities of businesses,” Lim said. “In the future, I aim to grow as a professional based on my accounting knowledge and find a [high-level] role within the organization.”

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