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Lyman-Richey HR Finds a Fit with Bellevue University Grads

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

SONY DSCLyman-Richey’s Human Resources department has developed into a bit of a Bruin den. Three employees, Angela Conner, Kelly Hayduk, and Kathy Snoddy, all have earned degrees at Bellevue University.

Conner, who has been with Lyman-Richey, one of the region’s leading concrete and construction materials providers, for nine months as a Human Resources Generalist. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Management of Human Resources in 2011, after first acquiring an Associate’s degree through Iowa Western Community College in Council Bluffs.

“I had been looking at HR Programs throughout the Omaha area and found that the accelerated program fit the bill for me. I had talked to a few other graduates and really thought they had a good outlook after graduating. It seemed like Bellevue was perfect for me,” Conner said.

Hayduk earned her Bachelor of Science in Management of Human Resources in 2014 and has been with Lyman-Richey for nine months, as well.

“Bellevue offered night and online classes, which was a huge plus for me. I was working full time and had 3 kids so I needed flexibility.”

Snoddy is the veteran of the group, having been at Lyman-Richey for almost four years. She earned her degree in 2013.

“The accelerated program prompted me to visit and attend Bellevue University,” Snoddy said. “The professors were great.”

Conner and Hayduk both praised the Kirkpatrick Signature Series. The series focuses on various institutions and traditions of Western Civilization that have achieved unprecedented success in the United States. It explores the intellectual, social, and cultural progress resulting through the productive tensions that can arise among tradition, change, freedom, and responsibility. Conner said her professor, adjunct Chip Greene, made the material come alive for her.

“His way of teaching and constant questions made me really appreciate his teaching style,” she said. “He came in with a bright outlook on life and was constantly teaching us to question life and everything else. It really made me appreciate the classes and enjoy my time in the Kirkpatrick Series.”

Hayduk’s Signature Series classes were taught by the late Dr. Ed Rauchut.

“He has since passed away, but he made many of my classes a positive experience,” she said.

A varied work experience each day is what keeps the three engaged at Lyman-Richey.

“I enjoy the diversity of my job, claim resolution, different projects,” Snoddy said. “I have experience and knowledge of all aspects of HR being with the same company and being here the longest.”

Conner echoed those sentiments, “The fact that no two days are the same. Things are constantly changing and moving and no incident is like the one before. I like having some variety and seeing what a new day will bring. It’s never boring.

“Receiving my degree in Human Resource Management really allowed me to advance further then I could have otherwise,” said Conner. “I learned so many life lessons from Bellevue and it really helped me grow into the person I am today. It was an amazing experience and I loved the fact that the people they have teaching their classes have real life experiences. They teach because they enjoy it, but they have the life skills and experience to know what they are talking about.”