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Marketing Management degree empowers alum


By University Copywriter Dan Silvia

Where does practical and applicable meet creative and innovative?


Within Ginny Townsend and the Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management degree she earned at Bellevue University, that’s where. Townsend, a 2008 graduate, is Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Bamboo Creative, a marketing and creative firm located in Rocklin, California, a Sacramento suburb.

“No two days are ever the same and I thrive in that type of environment,” Townsend said of her role at Bamboo. “I get to encourage our clients to stretch their goals and vision for their organization or business which in turn pushes me to constantly stretch myself to learn more and see an even bigger picture.”

Townsend is able to see her efforts in classroom pay off on a daily basis. “I received a very practical and applicable education at Bellevue University. While I was working on my Marketing Management degree, I was employed at a local bank in their marketing department,” she said. “What I learned in class Monday night, I could use Tuesday morning.”

Townsend singled out adjunct instructor Steven Brewer for being particularly insightful.  “He was a great professor who brought in-the-field experience and lessons to illustrate his points,” she said.

Earning her degree gave Townsend the confidence she needed to tackle everything in front of her.

“Few things are more empowering than completing a bachelor’s degree,” she said. “When I graduated, I felt like I was unstoppable. I started taking on more and more projects at work and in my personal life. It’s amazing how one accomplishment can open up doors to much greater accomplishments!”