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MBA Helps Mathia Take Career to Next Level


Long before online degrees were popular, Mark Mathia found flexibility through online courses at Bellevue University. He earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in 1999, completing a combination of online and in-person classes.

“Having a choice allowed me to not only flex my schedule in pursuit of higher education, but also to strategically map out a plan that allowed me to take full advantage of remote learning,” he said. “At the same time, I still experienced the many benefits of the collaborative environment of in-class participation.”

Mathia is now the Chief Experience Officer at Signature Performance, Inc. in the Greater Omaha, Neb. area. The company provides administrative services for the healthcare industry.

The skills I learned while earning my degree, and the confidence I gained in business, led to a robust career as an entrepreneur that integrated seamlessly into my role at Signature Performance,” he said. “At Signature Performance, we are working hard to lower the administrative costs and burden of care. When you set out to solve large problems, confidence keeps you moving forward and making positive strides.”

Real World Experience in the Classroom

Mathia said he’s been committed to lifelong learning since early in his career. This includes continually expanding his knowledge of business.

“Once I decided to pursue an MBA degree, Bellevue University made the next steps easy,” he said. “Bellevue University offers a solid reputation of great learning with the flexibility I needed as a young manager and new father.”

One of the most impactful parts of his MBA experience was the hands-on expertise of his instructors, Mathia said. “I was thrilled to discover that my professors were also actively participating in the business world,” he said.

“Not only did they bring real-world scenarios into the classroom, but their teaching was also relevant to the work I was doing and the business community. As a result, I quickly applied my learnings to my job and accelerated my career.”

Mathia’s studies even resulted in a once-in-lifetime trip.

“My favorite experience was a marketing research project I completed. I developed a case study on the Whistler Country Club in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada,” he said.

“The project was both challenging and fun, but I became captivated by this organization and British Columbia -- so captivated, I just had to visit. To this day, it remains one of the most scenic and beautiful places my wife and I have vacationed.”

Partnering with His Alma Mater to Help Others

Today, Mathia is helping others benefit from the Bellevue University experience the way he did.

“As a lifelong learner, I am passionate about supporting and encouraging education for every adult,” he said.

“I continue to support Bellevue University through a close partnership with our firm. Bellevue University is an important ally in the community and continues to offer innovative ways for our associates to learn and grow professionally.”

Mathia said the MBA program is a great starting point for any professional.

“I highly recommend a Bellevue University MBA for anyone who wants to kick start their career and grow professionally,” he said. “Bellevue University has done the heavy lifting of making college at this level accessible for hard-working people who have a tight schedule to follow. I often say, ‘you never regret investing in yourself.’

“Many years later, Mathia is still grateful for the difference pursuing higher education has made in his life and career.

“I’ve learned that with education and the constant pursuit of knowledge, anything is possible in my career,” he said. “Today, I feel like I’m in my sweet spot, making a real-world impact every day. My education helped me see what’s possible.”