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Miller Grows at Bellevue, Behlen

Miller Grows at Bellevue, Behlen

 By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

What do Behlen Manufacturing and Bellevue University have in common? They’re both about facilitating growth -- and they’ve both played key roles for Jen Miller.

Miller Jen (3)Miller, who earned both a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration of Technical Studies as well as a Master of Business Administration at Bellevue University, has worked at Behlen, a farm and ranch equipment manufacturer located in Columbus, Nebraska, for close to 20 years and is the General Manager for the Behlen Country Business Unit.

“Being a General Manager at Behlen comes with a lot of responsibility like setting monthly goals for the teams as well as evaluating the performance of the business,” Miller said. “Making good decisions helps ensure our 900 Partners in Progress have job security as well as the opportunity for growth.  I enjoy working with multiple different teams on projects that benefit our customers across country.”

Miller graduated from Boys Town High School in Omaha, Nebraska in 1995 before heading for Central Community College in Columbus where she earned an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and Management.

“Central Community College is a local college, and one that my employer is partnered with.  Due to this partnership and the Behlen Mfg. Co. tuition reimbursement program this was a great fit for me,” Miller said.

Affordability and accessibility were two of the main factors in Miller’s decision to attend Bellevue University.

“Continuing your education is important in this ever-changing business environment.  Making the active decision to continue my education at Bellevue University has helped to open up opportunities to learn more about the business I love,” Miller said. “Bellevue offered me a program where I could still maintain working full-time as well as being a parent to my boys.  The online atmosphere was inviting, and created an active, engaged learning environment.  There was always access to others in the class as well as the Professor.”

A strong support system is important in every aspect of life and pursuing your degree is no different. Miller’s husband, Mike, filled that position admirably, she said.

“Not only did he take the lead with our boys, but he was always there to support me through the late nights and long weekends of homework and projects,” she said.

Miller didn’t stop with her bachelor’s degree, continuing on to earn her MBA as well.

“It was an easy transition from the Bachelor’s program to the MBA program.  I was used to the schedule and knew if I maintained I would be able to obtain that much desired MBA,” she said. “My mentors at work had MBAs and so I felt that was the right move for me and my career.

"Bellevue University offers a great learning environment for both traditional and non-traditional students.  The campus is easy to manage and the on-line atmosphere is engaging.  I would recommend Bellevue because they care for their students and want to see them succeed.  The professors prompted engagement which helped to keep my classes as well as my degree path on track.  Together with my advisor we set a path at the beginning, and I was able to stay with it, knowing what classes would come next.”