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MPA program alumnus applies skills to role as warden


No matter where his career takes him, Craig Gable’s number one goal is to make a positive impact through every position he holds, which is currently as warden of the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution located near Tecumseh, Nebraska.

“I want to continue to [make an impact] by keeping people safe and developing leaders within the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services,” Gable said.

Gable has honed the skills to do so through both his educational and job background. He received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Nebraska–Omaha while working for the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services – a career path he began in 2011 as an officer at the Nebraska State Penitentiary. He has since held the ranks of corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, intelligence captain and assistant warden at facilities ranging from the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women to the Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility.

Gable is also a 2020 graduate of Bellevue University’s Master of Public Administration program – an experience that he feels has already served him well.

“The flexibility and ability to be a full-time professional and a full-time student was what guided me to complete my MPA at Bellevue,” he said. “The professors were amazing and engaging.”

He added, “There has been material from the program that I have taken and applied to aid me in my career. Furthering my education at Bellevue exposed me to concepts and ideas that have been helpful in my progressing my career.”

Gable noted that while his coursework was challenging, it ultimately made him a better critical thinker. He appreciated that he was able to connect with his classmates virtually and learn from them as well.

Bellevue’s MPA program aims to help students become more versatile and capable leaders, which is exactly what it did for Gable. In fact, his degree has already benefitted his career.

In a press release announcing Gable’s promotion to warden of the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution, Scott Frakes, director of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, recognized this.

“Craig brings the leadership perspective and approach we need at TSCI,” Frakes said. “He has been about transformation throughout his career and has moved through the ranks at several facilities. Craig is unshakable in his commitment to quality and models the agency’s values.”

And while his current position is a prestigious one, Gable feels like the highlight of his career thus far is simply his continued ability to help others.

“I have been fortunate to have had many great opportunities to work with so many amazing people,” he said. “The overall sense of service to the people of Nebraska has been extremely fulfilling.”