13:13 PM

Olushola’s Texas Hometown Hit by Hurricane Harvey

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

Images coming out of Houston have been frightening in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Even more so for those who have friends and family in the area. Tola Olushola, a Student Financial Counselor at the University as well as a former member of the men’s basketball squad, hails from Missouri City, Texas, a suburb of Houston.

OlusholaOlutola_1415Olushola’s parents, siblings, and many members of his extended family and friends still live in Missouri City, Houston, and surrounding communities. Fortunately, Olushola’s old neighborhood has escaped the most severe damage from the storm although flooding has closed a number of streets in the area.

“My immediate family was stuck in the neighborhood for a little over a day due to certain roads flooding in the neighborhood,” Olushola said. “The water has now receded to where cars can pass back and forward. There was also a reported tornado early Friday (Aug. 25) morning that passed through the area only a couple of minutes from our neighborhood that caused a great deal of damage to the businesses and properties. For the most part, most of my family is fine and safe which great to hear. Everyone is in good graces and I am thankful to God for that.”

Neighborhood streetOlushola said that Houston and the surrounding communities have a long road ahead in recovering from the storm.

“Long term outlook for the Missouri City and the surrounding Houston communities will be a long rebuilding process. Homes will need to be repaired, buildings will need construction work, and so many other improvements will need to be made to the water system in the city to help prevent flooding like this to happen in the future,” he said. “A lot of people lost everything during this hurricane. One thing I know for sure is that we will rebuild and Houston and the surrounding communities will be better than ever. I have always taken pride in the city I grew up in and by looking at the news and through social media anyone can see the exemplary character of the people of the city. It’s amazing!”

Olushola’s family is volunteering at his alma mater, Thurgood Marshall High School, which was opened as a shelter on August 28. Olushola will be traveling back to Houston on Thursday, Sept. 14. The trip was originally designed as celebration of his birthday the following day, but he’ll be logging some volunteer hours instead.

“I will be looking to spend the few days of my vacation lending a helping hand to the communities affected by Hurricane Harvey,” Olushola said. “I love my city and I love the people and it was really heartbreaking watching the events unfold. I am looking forward to getting back seeing my family and friends, in addition to helping rebuild the community I grew up in for 18+ years.”