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OPD Officer Orozco was Bellevue University Alumnus

OPD Officer Orozco was Bellevue University Alumnus

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

Omaha police officer and Bellevue University alum Kerrie (Holtz) Orozco was laid to rest on May 26. Orozco was killed in the line of duty on May 20. Hundreds filled St. John’s Church on the campus of Creighton University for the funeral and thousands lined the streets during the funeral procession.

^7FD722270376E4105A677DDCBD4DF367E563A8B5AB72F9627B^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrOrozco earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the University in 2011. She was remembered by Marty Conboy, the adjunct instructor who led her online cohort.

“Kerrie’s murder was one of the saddest and most frustrating events I have had in 35 years of law enforcement. She was a capable and promising student and police officer,” said Conboy, a former Omaha city prosecutor. “I remember her as being supportive and thoughtful in her comments, and setting a good standard for the class. She was a promising law enforcement professional.”

Orozco was eulogized by Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer, who has also served as an adjunct instructor at the University.

“Through all of our pain and emotions, and there has been a ton these last few days, we are truly blessed for the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Kerrie’s life and how she truly lived,” Schmaderer said according to local media accounts. “It’s been a pleasure. Minus the tragic circumstances, I’m proud the entire nation got to know Kerrie.”

Orozco is survived by husband Hector Orozco; and children Olivia Ruth, Natalia Rose and Santiago Manuel Orozco among others. Orozco was scheduled to begin maternity leave on May 21 when three-month old Olivia Ruth came home from the hospital for the first time following her premature birth.

“The thing I can’t help thinking about our students, and the law enforcement professionals we encounter, is that they all have so much to offer, and have lives and families that, like Kerrie, make them such wonderful people,” Conboy said. “Her loss is a reminder to appreciate the students and police officers that Bellevue University serves.”

Donations to Orozco’s family can be made via the Omaha Police Foundation.