07:59 AM

Please Complete the Brand Survey

The April edition of AlumniLinkonline includes a request for alumni to complete an online survey measuring their perceptions of the Bellevue University brand. If you earned a degree from the University, you also will receive an individual email message inviting you to complete the survey. Nationally recognized brand communications firm Bailey Lauerman has been retained to guide the formal survey process.

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and provide your thoughtful insights and perceptions.

Current students as well as University faculty and staff members also are being asked to complete similar surveys, which are part of a new Brand Initiative guided by Geri Mason, Director of Marketing at the University. “Our goal is to ensure that the Bellevue University brand is compelling and truly reflects the value of the University,” Mason said. “Alumni opinions and perceptions are a key part of the Initiative, and we sincerely appreciate and value their input."

Survey responses will be kept confidential by the researchers. Information collected will be used to identify common themes and messages, and highlights of Brand Survey results will be shared in future alumni publications.