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Professor Publishes Book on Thomas Jefferson

Professor Publishes Book on Thomas Jefferson

Dr. Judd Patton, professor of economics, now retired and Professor Emeritus of Economics at Bellevue University, has recently published a new book on Thomas Jefferson entitled: Thomas Jefferson’s 1804 Abridgement of Jesus’ Words. Here is a brief thumbnail sketch of Dr. Patton’s book on our third President.Patton Book Front Cover

Thomas Jefferson produced two abridgements of the Gospels with two different purposes. He envisioned his 1804 “cut to paste” abridgement (46 pages) as a mini-Bible and “Collection for the Indians.” He originally hoped to publish it as a manual in different Indian dialects as a concise summary of the moral and doctrinal precepts of the Bible for Native Americans on the frontier. However, his 1820 expanded abridge-ment (82 pages) --in Greek, Latin, French and English---was for his personal study.

Jefferson’s 1804 White House “wee little book,” which he titled as The Philosophy of Jesus of Nazareth, has never been found except for the Title Page, Table of Texts, and two KJV Bibles he used to clip Scriptures into a blank notebook.

Dr. Patton has re-constructed President Jefferson’s 1804 abridgement high-lighting: the words of Jesus in red-letters; the moral and doctrinal precepts of Mr. Jefferson’s work; seven rare, historic facsimiles of Jefferson’s Title Page, Table of Texts and 1791 Bible; and three Christian scholars who explain the context of Jefferson’s work for Native Americans, while defending it from erroneous perceptions and ideas that have arisen over two centuries.

The book is dedicated to Native Americans and is a must read, according to Dr. Patton, for American patriots desiring to understand President Thomas Jefferson’s classic work in early American religious history.

The 256 page book can be purchased online or through Dr. Patton (ESB 4214, Judd.Patton@Bellevue.edu , 557-7510).