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Recent Graduate Remembered After Tragic Accident

Recent Graduate Remembered After Tragic Accident

56b5826f30589.imageRecent graduate Sarah Root was tragically killed in a car accident last week. The accident took place just one day after she walked at commencement. Sarah had earned a bachelor’s degree in Investigations. While the local news has been reporting on the story, we wanted to share a portion of a comment we received from Sarah’s best friend and cohort classmate, Megan Novy.

“A best friend is by far an understatement when describing Sarah Rae Root. A helping hand is what she offered and in return she asked for nothing. We made a promise that we would push through these last four years of college together, and that we did. After the late nights, tears, and procrastination, she was filled with happiness as they called our names one after another to cross the stage and receive our Bachelors in Investigations. All this means is that she is solving crime from afar, while keeping her family and friends safe.”

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Our heartfelt condolences go out to Sarah's family, friends, classmates, and professors.