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Scholarships and Grants, Financial Aid Departments Work in Partnership

The Scholarships and Grants Department and the Financial Aid Department work side-by-side to help students explore ways to make college more affordable.

Some of the major costs of attending college include tuition and fees, books, living expenses and other educational expenses. Scholarships and grants can cover some of these costs with funding that does not have to be paid back. This funding allows students to decrease or even eliminate any debt to be paid back post-graduation. Through the submission of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), it can be determined if students are eligible to receive federal and state grants, federal loans, federal work-study and is also one of the sources used to determine eligibility for needs based scholarships. These two departments work together to complete every student’s aid package to ensure they are being offered the most comprehensive funding available to them.

These teams are continually finding ways to improve the delivery and deployment of gift aid to students. Making modern changes to existing systems and increasing the number of dedicated scholarship experts creates a faster, more cohesive way to award scholarships to students through their Regent Financial Aid Portal. New tools are also being created regarding financial wellness, as well as tools inside the Regent Financial Aid Portal that will provide students the knowledge and skills they need to make sound financial decisions that affect how they pay for college, as well as paying off debt after college is completed.  It will include information and education about the number and amount of outstanding loans a student has taken out as well as making a plan to pay that money back.  The goal is to educate students to only borrow what is necessary to complete their education and to put more effort into applying for scholarships and grants; the free stuff!

More to come, so keep a lookout for updates and offerings brought to you by the Scholarships and Grants and Financial Aid Departments.   

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