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Sherman Celebrates Latino Heritage on Path to Success

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Dulce Sherman’s parents played a large role in all she’s accomplished today. This includes completing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Bellevue University, becoming a human resources professional, rising to the level of executive and now owning her own business.

 “As a Latina, completing my degree was important, as my mother did not complete school nor spoke English, “Sherman said. “She and her five siblings are first-generation Americans with immigrant parents. “Education was instilled by my parents. Having a degree has enabled me to start my own HR business, working with small nonprofits and businesses.”

Finding Connection, Success at Bellevue University

Sherman attended two large schools prior to completing her bachelor’s degree in human resources at Bellevue University in 1998. She followed that with completing a master’s degree in management. “I decided to immediately pursue my graduate degree in business because it was an investment in my future career as a Latina leader,” she said.

With a Bellevue University campus near her home, Sherman completed both programs with in-person, accelerated cohort formats. This means all classes within each degree were with the same group of students.

 “What I really enjoyed about Bellevue University was the 'small-town' feel of the classroom cohort and discussions,” she said. “I also loved the accelerated programs because it allowed me to continue working full-time and obtain my undergraduate and graduate degrees.”

Sherman’s interactions with her fellow students were so impactful she still keeps in touch with some of them. “My perspective as a Latina, and as a child of immigrant parents, brought a whole new dimension to my classroom,” she said. “I was able to learn a lot from others in my cohorts, but they also learned a lot about how disciplined our Latino culture is when they want to accomplish a goal.”

She said she also appreciates Bellevue University’s longtime efforts around diversity. “It is wonderful to see how Bellevue University has become inclusive by adding Gina Ponce and the El Camino Latino Center for students that look like me,” Sherman said.

Balancing Career, Family and Learning

Discipline and determination played large roles in helping Sherman complete her two degrees. “I balanced work, family and school by setting succinct goals,” she said. “My first priority was ensuring I could provide for my family and dedicate time to my husband and sons. Oftentimes, I would stay up late doing homework or maximize any free time.”

Sherman said Bellevue University also helped make her educational journey go more smoothly in many ways.

“I highly recommend Bellevue University because they truly care about students and about increasing diversity,” she said. “They helped me with financial aid, registering and even packed my books in a box so all I had to do was pick them up. Now that's service, especially since at the time I had two small toddlers!”

Becoming a Small Business Owner

After more than two decades of success in human resources, including a position as Chief Operations Officer, Sherman started her own business in January 2021.

“I decided to open Sherman Executive Consulting after identifying that many small nonprofits or businesses do not have a human resources staff, and one that can speak English and Spanish,” she said. “Having a graduate degree from Bellevue University provides instant credibility, along with my 25 years of human resources leadership experience. “

Sherman said she also hopes to help bridge the gap in Latina leaders running organizations in the Omaha, Nebraska, metro. “It's important that Latinas can see someone that looks like them, be successful at school and at operating or leading a business,” she said.