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Team Building Still Important for Dr. Kevin Riley

There’s a Bellevue University link to today’s news report that students in the Gretna (Nebraska) Public Schools scored highest in writing proficiency. Dr. Kevin Riley, Gretna's school superintendent, completed four years of his undergraduate education at then, Bellevue College.

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Riley, a stand-out athlete (1971-75) on the Bruin men’s basketball team, transferred to the University of Omaha (now Nebraska at Omaha) to complete a bachelor’s degree in Education, a major Bellevue College did not offer.

Nine out of 10 of Gretna High School 11th graders meet the state's student writing standards, and as a group, Gretna 4th, 8th and 11th graders taking the Nebraska State Accountability standardized writing tests all were substantially above state averages, an article on the Omaha World-Herald newspaper website reported today. Read the article.

Riley is completing his 14th year as Superintendent of the Gretna school district, which is located on the southwestern edge of the greater Omaha metropolitan area. He has fond memories of his Bruin years, and credits a strong team-building approach for the success Gretna schools have achieved. Read more…