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Three Mohr Graduates at Winter Commencement

Three Mohr Graduates at Winter Commencement

By Bill Wax, Director of Communications

Earning a Bellevue University degree is a family thing for Chris Mohr, a Student Financial Counselor in the University’s Student Financial Services department. Mohr, his wife, Shanna, and his brother, Jacob, all participated in winter commencement exercises in January.

Work has always been important to Mohr, an Iowa native who grew up in South Omaha. He took a part-time job at First National Bank in 2001, while he was still in high school. He ended up taking on another part time job at Oriental Trading Company where he met Shanna. He graduated high school May of 2003 and shortly after took a full-time construction job, continuing to work for the bank part-time on the weekends. Chris and Shanna married, bought a house, and started a family. They are expecting their fourth child in June.

MOHR Chris Mohr, left, his wife, Shanna, and brother, Jacob, at winter Commencement exercises.

Mohr’s contact with Bellevue University began in 2010 when a friend who worked at Bellevue University told Chris about a job opening in the Financial Aid department. He applied and got the job, retaining his part-time job at the bank. Then in summer 2010, with work experience at the bank and elsewhere, no prior college credit, he decided to pursue a college degree. He started off his college education at Bellevue University and shortly after starting added to his academic load by attending classes at Metropolitan Community College. He was able to take advantage of his education benefits at Bellevue University, completing a B.S. in Business Analysis and Management degree in 2013 and enrolling in the University’s M.S. in Organizational Performance (MSOP) degree program later that year.

“I thought the MSOP program was a great opportunity. It allowed me to learn some key aspects for future organizational goals. This program has really opened opportunities for me to choose from. I recently sat down with my family to discuss the possibility of starting our own business” said Mohr, who continues to work weekends at First National’s technology center in downtown Omaha, where he supervises payment processing for large corporate clients.

“Here at Bellevue University as a Financial Counselor, I get see the impact college has on people’s lives. It’s great seeing students come to Bellevue University to further their education and succeed in meeting their goal. Before working at Bellevue University, I only experienced college success stories by a few friends, but now I see it first-hand on a regular basis.  When a prospective student walks in, it’s great being able to assist them on their financial needs and know the information they receive will allow them to make sound decisions that potentially could impact their future.

“Although I know college is not for everyone, the best advice I can give is that if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend getting a college education.  College opens opportunities you may not have otherwise. It’s never too late, even if you have a tough situation. Life will always throw obstacles at you but if you put your mind to it, you can overcome those obstacles. My wife and I have been able to manage work, go to school and most importantly raise our children as a family while completing our degrees. You just need to put your goals first and have a support system to help you get where you want to go.”

Shanna Mohr, who completed studies on her B.S. in Management degree in February, recently enrolled in the University’s M.S. in Leadership and Coaching (MLC) degree program.