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University Experience Helped Veteran on Path to Entrepreneurship

Leticia Galdamez

After completing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Bellevue University, U.S. Air Force veteran Leticia Galdamez turned her dream of being a business owner into reality. Today, she runs Knots of Bows, a Bellevue, Neb. based company that produces handmade bow ties for people and pets.

Finding Flexibility, Support in Education

Galdamez began her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management when she was still serving in the Air Force.

“I was looking for a school that would be helpful and accommodating to military members,” she said. “I had different experiences with other institutions and I found that Bellevue University took the time to truly understand military life. The Military and Veteran Services Department at Bellevue University was an amazing resource!”

Galdamez found her experiences in the classroom equally rewarding.

“My favorite experience from Bellevue University was the closeness I felt in each class with the teachers and students due to smaller class sizes,” she said. Her classes also provided an atmosphere where students could share different perspectives, learning and growing from the experience, she said.

After completing her bachelor’s degree in 2012, Galdamez began looking into graduate programs. Though she had chosen an in-person program for her bachelor’s degree, she decided pursuing a Master of Science in Management online was the best fit.

“I had a 3- and a 1-year-old at home,” Galdamez said. “The online program allowed me the flexibility to take care of my two kids while still continuing my education.”

Seizing the Opportunity for a New Path

As Galdamez moved forward through her educational journey, her goals changed.

“I was really interested in the administration side of healthcare when I first started,” she said. “When I decided to get my master’s, I discovered new opportunities and decided to change course. My business was just an idea at the time. I wanted to choose a degree that would guide me and help my business grow.”

Galdamez completed her master’s degree in 2015, officially turning what began as a hobby into a small business the following year.

I was able to take what I learned and use it toward the fundamentals of my business,” she said.

A Family Affair

Galdamez said her family inspired her to start the business, and you’ll often find her children and her husband, Anthony, with her selling bows at a variety of events.

“I love making bow ties for fun school events. My husband is a science teacher and loves to wear different themed bow ties!” she said.

Anthony is a fellow Bellevue University alumnus; he graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science. “He chose Bellevue University because it allowed him to continue his education and maintain an occupation at the same time,” Galdamez said.

Knots of Bows is also committed to serving another group of very important family members. “I couldn’t forget about our furry pets, so I extended my product to them as well,” Galdamez said.