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‘Very Proud and Humbled’

‘Very Proud and Humbled’

Earlier this month, Bellevue University alumnus and graduate student Claude Jones of Sacramento, California, ran across the University-sponsored “Remembering Our Fallen” exhibit on display at a Redding mall. Below are excerpts of an email commentary and photos Jones sent to Cybersecurity Prof. Ron Woerner.

Fallen Image 1“My name is Claude Jones. I am a graduate student studying CyberSecurity (online) through Bellevue University and have a story to tell…

“I am an engineer for a cellular company in northern California. My job takes me to the northern-most counties of my state from time to time…One of my duties is to check the radio frequency conditions and test data speeds for the cellular network within certain buildings where we have coverage, to verify service for our valued customers…

“On July 7, I was in the Mt. Shasta Mall (Redding) doing what I do and came across a very somber and humbling display that caught me off guard. It was a memorial for the fallen soldiers who hail from the northern-most California counties. I was moved to tears when I saw the pictures of our finest young men who were taken from us far too soon. I don’t know these fine men personally but in so many ways I do. They are my neighbors, the clerks at the local stores, the peace officers who walk the beat and even my family members. I bowed my head and said a prayer, and as I was walking away, I saw the dedication banner with the name of the sponsor (Bellevue University) on it. Needless to say, I felt even more pride as I read the eulogy for the fallen…

Fallen Image 2“When I started my undergraduate studies 5+ years ago, I had never heard of Bellevue University, but a manager at the time recommended I look into the university. Since then, I have gone on to finish my degree and started my Master’s program…I’m certain that I have made the right choice. Knowing that the values of this university are in line with my own makes my choice to continue my education here at Bellevue easier…

“Thank you for showing your support for the men and women who make our world a better and safer place, especially for those who have sacrificed all…”

Very sincerely and respectfully, Claude Jones