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The Bellwether, an awards annual dedicated to housing the best and brightest student ideas at Bellevue University, was published recently.

The Bellwether is an ongoing collaboration of creative, academic, and literary writing of prose, poetry, and visual art. Additional aims of the publication are to recognize effective writing at Bellevue University, collaborate with the Ethical Insights project, and celebrate the “Best Overall” written work at our academic institution.

To view the latest edition of the Bellwether, click here: Bellwether Vol. 13

The journal recognizes and awards academic, innovative, and creative written and visual works. The mission of this publication is to feature outstanding academic projects with a diversity of voices, styles, and subjects meaningful to the BU community. The Bellwether is further evidence that critical thinking and creative expressions are valued and alive at Bellevue University.

The Bellwether is published in July of each year. Submissions are accepted year-round from BU students and from nominating faculty.